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PLAND announced their inaugural residency this month, with an open call for application until May 2010.


The PLAND residency promises an immersive opportunity for spirited,
gritty, and very real daily existence.  Situated on a tiny parcel of
land near Taos, New Mexico, this residency offers the direct experience
of living off-the-grid, and will invite new ways of thinking, making,
seeing and collaborating.

396-7337215343_ztGTd.jpg Please take some time to review the residency  overview and application
and consider applying to the program. The application deadline is May
10th and due via email.

Please circulate this, visit the project site ,  join the PLAND email list,
follow their blog, and
friend PLAND on Facebook

What is PLAND? It’s an exciting new site-driven project started by Erin
Elder, Nina Elder, and Nancy Zastudil. In their own words:

PLAND, Practice Liberating

Art through Necessary Dislocation,

is an off-the-grid residency program that supports the development of
experimental and research-based projects in the context of the Taos

PLAND finds its inspiration in a legacy of
entrepreneurs, homesteaders, artists, and other counterculturalists who
– through both radical and mundane activities – reclaim and reframe a
land-based notion of the American Dream. While producing open-ended
experimental projects that facilitate collaboration and hyper-local
engagement, PLAND is a constantly evolving artists outpost in the New
Mexican high desert. Through project-based residencies and work parties,
artists are encouraged to marry survival-based goals with big ideas and
experimental methods. Without expectations about prescribed outcomes,
PLAND privileges process over product. Artists can do amazing things
when supported and encouraged in new contexts and there is no context
like that of the Taos mesa. Part alternative school, part laboratory,
part homestead, part art studio, PLAND is an active solution for merging
art into life.