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177-milkwax_logo1.jpg2 birds, but no one A great many thanks to one of ABQ’s best artists and an outstanding supporter of the scene (local and beyond): David Leigh. David is the visual arts program education director at Working Classroom, founding director of the former Donkey Gallery, and he just launched a new Blog at

The Milk Wax is a great mix of art/music/interviews/and all things worth a read and an RSS subscription. I am honored and flattered he’s got me linked.

179-xncXjvTU-thumb-200x220-178.jpgA second bit of internet awesomeness I’d like to highlight is Ben Meisner’s new web identity at

Ben uses a graphic sensibility in his work that speaks volumes so quietly you’ll have to listen with your heart. Fortunately for all of us, he built his sight with nice big images on which to feast. The piece to the right is graphite on paper, 2009. Thanks Ben.